MAIN: Time to truly understand your audience.

Collect subscriber insights with every email you send. Automatically.

    EasyAsk automatically inserts one question into every email, creating an ongoing feedback loop with your subscribers:
  • Create more relevant and engaging content and emails

  • Improve your product offers and conversion rates

  • Answer requests from potential newsletter sponsors and advertisers

  • ... so what do you want to learn first?

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How well do you really know your subscribers?

Even the most captivating content and offers can fall flat without deep subscriber insights. Disengaged readers, missed monetization opportunities, and lower conversion rates are just the tip of the iceberg.

And while traditional surveys promise insights, they typically don't meet expectations in terms of response rates—and aren't designed for continuous learning.


The problem with conventional surveys and the status quo.

Surveys: No Longer Effective

Relying on conventional surveys often results in superficial data. They're lengthy, lack personalization, and are easily ignored, making them an unreliable tool for gathering genuine subscriber insights.

Lost Opportunities

Without genuine subscriber insights, content becomes generic, ads less targeted, and product offerings misaligned. Every email that doesn't resonate is a missed opportunity. This disconnect can lead to decreased revenue and potential partner collaborations slipping away.

Eroding Trust

It's a two-way street. Subscribers crave recognition and relevance. Miss the mark on your content or campaigns, and trust diminishes, leading to lower conversion rates, a disengaged audience, or even brand damage.


EasyAsk brings a new era of email engagement.

It's an subscriber intelligence platform focused on insights, engagement, and growth.

"Anti-Survey" Design

With EasyAsk's auto-rotating questions, every email becomes a brief chat in an ongoing, personalized conversation. Create your ultimate list of 10-15 questions, and EasyAsk will spread them out across as many emails, ensuring diverse engagement and a treasure trove of data by the end.

Cut Through the Noise

Unlike the 'We want to hear from you' survey invites that often go unnoticed, EasyAsk presents on-brand, direct, engaging, clickable questions. This approach reduces friction, increases curiosity, and boosts response rates.

Instant Analytics, for Everyone

Subscribers aren't just respondents; they're participants. After answering, you have the option of letting them see how their responses compare to the larger audience, fostering a sense of community. For you? Real-time insights, response rate metrics, and daily summaries keep you informed and ready to act.

Designed for Maximum Engagement

Every element of the question box, from the background color to the emoji, is crafted for attention. This isn't just a question, either; it's an engagement driver. And with configurable rewards and recognition for active subscribers, engagement isn't just a metric; it's an experience.

Beyond traditional surveys: Dive into EasyAsk's arsenal.

Generate Continuous Insights:

Auto-Rotating Questions

Distribute, engage, repeat. EasyAsk's auto-rotation ensures fresh encounters with every email, leading to consistent engagement and invaluable insights.

  • Every subscriber sees a randomly-selected question (one per email) and cycles through the questions until they've all been viewed or answered.

  • New questions can be added any time, and new subscribers will start at the beginning of your list of questions—so the insights keep coming over time. No more "one and done" surveys.

Get Your Questions Noticed:

Configurable Design Elements

  • Your brand, your style. Tailor every aspect of the question box to resonate with your brand's identity.

  • This isn't just about aesthetics; it's about amplifying click-through rates to maximize insights per email. Crafting the right questions is key to eliciting responses. We've got you covered there.


Engagement-Boosting Tactics

EasyAsk equips you with tools to turn passive readers into active participants who share with you.

Three fun ways to drive more responses:

Give shout-outs to subscribers who regularly engage.

Offer special rewards and giveaways to subscribers who answer every question (e.g., "Get one entry for every response!").

Let subscribers instantly see how their answers stack up against the community. It's like the instant gratification of social media polls, but right in your email.

Comprehensive Insights for Better Decision-Making

  • Navigate with clarity. Dive deep into responses and response rates, trends over time, and receive daily summaries.

  • You're not just collecting answers; you're generating actionable insights to refine and perfect your product and monetization strategies.

  • Quickly create reports to identify highly-engaged subscribers (so you can thank or reward them).


How Does It Work?

Complete your set-up in 15 minutes (or less).

Choose your questions and answers
Configure your question template
Generate the HTML code snippet
Paste the snippet into your email
Send your email (like usual)
Collect insights within minutes